A Solid Core Produces Power and Reduces Training Injuries

by: T. Stratman 05/16/18
Many people equate their body core with their abdominal muscles. But your core is much more. It is your power center. It comprises muscles in your,pelvis,lower back,hip flexors,glutes and hamstrings The muscles in your core are essential for twisting,turning,and powering forward, sideways,and jumping.
A strong core enhances balance and stability. It can prevent serious injuries during sports and strength training. Low back pain is often a sign of core muscle imbalance.and can be an incapacitating and extremely painful, lingering problem. Exercises that strengthen, tone and promote a balanced core should be a regular training routine for any serious athlete or fitness enthusiast.

There are essentially four types of core workouts:
1.) The Standing exercises
2.) The floor exercises
3.) The Medicine Ball Exercises
4.) The Stability Ball Workouts.
Within all of these types above there are common exercises that are performed.
Single leg stances, Planks, pullovers, lunges, cross chops and lifts.

If you’re a serious athlete, or have set your sites on competing in a marathon, 5K or sprint or olympic triathlon, core work should be part of your training routine. You should rotate exercise routines using different parts of the body on different days. This avoids overuse injuries.

The beauty of utilizing the stability ball, the medicine ball, and the bosu ball is that they can be purchased at a relatively low cost and used at home. This is where it can become extremely time efficient way to get in 20 minutes of targeted core strengthening exercises that over time create greater core stability and strength which results in more power. You can find many quality training videos across the web.At Body Right we are commited to helping you achieve your goals no matter how small or grand they may be and keeping it real.

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Mr. Thomas (Tom) Stratman has been working successfully in the branded and private label Sports Nutrition space for over 25 years. He is passionate about specific sport training and the physiological and nutritional fields of high performance and anti-aging research. A former competitive triathlete and AAU Masters swimmer, he has held senior level sales & marketing positions with such companies as Inner Armour, Pacific Health Labs, Pinnacle Sports, TwinLab. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati. Also an accomplished public speaker and writer, he possesses a positive, motivating, and empathetic outlook towards others who are striving to attain their goals and is currently working towards a NASM cpt certification with specialization in senior fitness and sport specific training protocols.