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Our Vision – Elite Performance

Our goal is to provide the global sports nutrition community the highest quality and best – tasting supplements from the finest ingredients based on real science in order to consistently deliver high value performance.

Quality Assurances

We formulate and produce our supplements here in the USA in cGMP, UL, NSF GMP, NSF Sport, Informed Sport registered facilities. This is your assurance that all Body Right supplements are manufactured under strict controls ensuring potency and adherence to label claim.

Who we Are

With over 30 years in the Sports Nutrition supplement sector, we are a highly experienced team
that has specifically the following disciplines.
• Research & Development in Sports performance physiology and nutrition at the clinical research level.
• Extensive knowledge in formulation, ingredient compatibility, organoleptic (flavor, taste, mouthfeel) systems.
• We understand that superior performance is what drives us to the next level.

Body Right International, Inc.
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