About Liver Health and Exercise

About Body Right LivCleanTM.. Your liver is the largest and heaviest internal organ. It processes anything you eat or drink, and either repackages it for your body to use or eliminates it. The liver also stores vitamins and helps detoxify your body.  Like an engine, your liver performs a number of functions that ensure other [...]

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About BCAA supplementation

Substantial evidence has been accumulated suggesting that branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation or BCAA-rich diets have a positive effect on the regulation of body weight, muscle protein synthesis, glucose homeostasis,( the balance of insulin and glucagon to maintain blood glucose.. Leucine, a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and thus has been proposed to prevent age-related muscle atrophy [...]

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A Solid Core Produces Power and Reduces Training Injuries

by: T. Stratman 05/16/18 Many people equate their body core with their abdominal muscles. But your core is much more. It is your power center. It comprises muscles in your,pelvis,lower back,hip flexors,glutes and hamstrings The muscles in your core are essential for twisting,turning,and powering forward, sideways,and jumping. A strong core enhances balance and stability. It [...]

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